In recent times, there has been an ongoing development in the cooperation between Vietnamese companies and their Japanese counterparts. Right now there are about 8000 IT companies in Vietnam and most of them are working offshore with Japanese customers.

I deeply understand that the decision to choose 1 company as a partner out of the 8000 companies mentioned above, which have rather alike names and do rather alike works, of a random Japanese company not once working offshore in the Vietnamese market is no-doubt a high-risk venture.

This non-specialization has resulted in a class of IT developers who are able to work with various programming languages, but still quite far from mastering a specific one. These developers can help you only with simple tasks, not with considerable solutions.

As the first step, I have founded React + (React Plus) - the only company in Vietnam to specialize in “React”. We have React professionals, we are working together in the same environment, and last but not least, we are working with “React” and “React Native”, and these only.

Here are our company’s features:

2.We don’t offer low price

Our employees are considerably well-paid for their years of expreriences as well as their knowledges in “React”. We choose not to compete with other companies by price, as we believe we are a team of elite.

3.Our most significant strength is knowledge in “React” and “React Native”

Our earnings come 100% from “React”. Our engineers are well-trained and they spent most of their years of experiences working with “React”. We can afford to live just by “React”, and only by working with “React” that we aim to grow our company.

4.A true partner

“You and we, together we will become a team.” That’s the spirit we always pursue when working with you – our customers. A “team” is not just a simple thing like jointly using one Workspace or Slack’s channel,... When you and we have become a team, we can stand united for the ultimate goal: To bring in a creative and high-quality product.

Luong Xuan Hai


Business name React Plus JSC
Representative Luong Xuan Hai
Capital 2000万円
Number of employees 56
Date of establishment March 14th, 2018
Business content React, React Native Outsourcing
Location 7th Floor, Golden Field Building, 24 Nguyen Co Thach Street, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi

CEO Profile

React-Plus Founder

Working history:
2009: Work as Java Engineer
2011: Found WeTask Platform with friend from Harvard Business School (Boston, M.A, U.S)
2014: Found VnValley – An Apple Watch Application Development Company with engineers from Google and DropBox
2015: Found Sphinx JSC - JavaScript Company (Sold in 2017)
2018: Found The First One ( a BPO and Testing Company
2018: Found, React and React Native company
2019: We are going to launch